Mesquite surgeon performs first total hip replacement in Texas using MAKOplasty™ Robot

Dallas Regional Medical Center’s Robotic Surgery Center of Excellence provides latest technology for minimally-invasive procedure

MESQUITE, TX (February 20, 2012) — The first total hip replacement surgery in Texas using the MAKOplasty™ RIO Robotic Arm Interactive System was performed today, Feb. 20, by orthopedic surgeon Jeff Zhao, MD, at Dallas Regional Medical Center on a 49 year-old female from Mesquite who has suffered from avascular necrosis of the femoral head, a condition that leads to advanced arthritis of the hip. The procedure, known as MAKOplasty™ Total Hip Arthroplasty, is designed for patients who suffer from non-inflammatory or inflammatory degenerative joint disease.

MAKO’s total hip replacement application is designed to support the surgeon’s ability to more accurately align and position the implants relative to the needs of the patient. This may reduce potential complications associated with convention hip replacement surgery including dislocation, fracture, and increased implant wear. Nearly 300,000 primary hip replacement surgeries are performed annually in the United States using conventional techniques.

“The main concern for younger patients who undergo total hip replacement surgery is positioning of the components of the prosthesis,” says Dr. Zhao. “The longevity of the prosthesis is directly related to the precise positioning of its components. MAKOplasty allows for pre-op planning and translating that planning into actual precise intraoperative positioning. This reduces the risk for future need of revision surgery due to less precise positioning.”

Orthopedic surgeons at Dallas Regional Medical Center agree that the hospital’s decision to invest In the MAKOplasty™ technology demonstrates its commitment to bring the latest technology to improve care for patients not only in Mesquite, but also for the communities served by the hospital.

“Our Robotic Surgery Center of Excellence, including the MAKO and daVinci robots, demonstrates that we are taking patient care to the next level,” says Matt Caldwell, president and CEO of Dallas Regional Medical Center.  “Investing in technology to bring the right care to the right patients at the right time helps us achieve our mission to serve the health care needs of those in the communities we serve. We will continue our quest to be the hospital of choice for those living in our service area.”

Accurate placement and alignment of implant components are critical factors in hip replacement. If the patient’s physician determines that he or she is eligible for the Total Arthroplasty procedure, a CT scan of his or her hip will be completed one to two weeks prior to the surgery. The physician will use the patient’s CT scan data to reconstruct the anatomy and create a patient-specific surgical plan for optimal implant alignment and placement. During surgery, the patient’s hip joint is registered and matches with the surgical plan to provide dynamic information. Robotic arm guidance, 3-D visual feedback, and real-time data assist the surgeon in achieving more accurate positioning of implants to decrease the likelihood of mechanical failure and improve outcomes.

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